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Specialized educational programs designed to provide knowledge,
experience and confidence in emergency situations
LTR Training Systems
5761 Silverado Way Unit Q
Anchorage Alaska 99518-634

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LTR is Alaska’s premier and longest running full spectrum survival school. We maintain the most
comprehensive and diverse safety and survival training program catalog available. With course
options ranging from Helicopter  Underwater Egress, CPR/AED & First Aid, Remote & Delayed
Emergency   Medicine, Authorized Tower Climb & Rescue, Wildlife Defense Training and many
more. You are guaranteed to find an option that meets and exceeds your employee or personal
training needs. The secret to our success lies with our experiences, research, instructors, and a
promise to our students: “You will leave with a different mindset, become more confident in your
abilities and will have gained an edge that may make the difference between life and death.